My daughter can think on her own, form her own conclusions and research any subject imaginable. She has become an independent student.  - A.B.

How To Teach Connect The Thoughts

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The tenth and final course in our Parent/Teacher/Tutor program, this FREE course is for the parent or teacher delivering Connect The Thoughts , or who is getting ready to do so.

10 lesson plans which will take anywhere from 5-14 hours to do (in the privacy of your home), this course uses the same techniques as CTT courses for students, and helps the homeschool parent/teacher to work successfully in a homeschool environment, using Connect The Thoughts.

VIDEO: Introduction to How To Teach Connect The Thoughts

This FREE course helps the teacher or homeschool parent/teacher to master some of the basic tools and methods employed in Connect The Thoughts courses.  How to deliver tests that actually help the student?  How to select which courses to do and when to do them?  How to schedule study effectively and creatively?  These and many more important issues are examined, providing the teacher with important tools and methods.

This course offers more than common sense suggestions, but actual techniques and tools that you can use every day to improve the educative experience.

Required materials:

       Book: Poor Cheated Little Johnny

How To Teach Connect The Thoughts
Pages:   37
Lesson plans:   10
Estimated hours to complete:   5-14
Tests:   0
Requirements fulfilled:* Parent/Teacher training for success with homeschooling
*differs from school district to school district
Digital Format:
This book in PDF form can be instantly downloaded!

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