A very enjoyable and well rounded curriculum. The ideas are intelligent and the sources wide and varied. I have recommended this to many people.  - H.A.


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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

We use a few textbooks, not many.

They are Barbara Merck's Geology - A Self Teaching Guide , used as a part of Upper School Geology and Oceanography.  We use The Classical Roman Reader, an anthology of many Roman writings. The courses in history are full of excerpts from great writings which are carefully broken down in terms of words so that the student has a good chance at understanding them.

The student uses Will and Ariel Durant's The Lesson of History, a slim book that sums up what they learned from a lifetime as historians, in the final history course in their last semester of study.

Lower School
history is built around Van Loon's Newberry winning The Story of Mankind, which is in the public domain and so is integrated as text into the courses (you don't need to get the book). That's pretty much it.

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