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Connect The Thoughts™ is dedicated to creating methods and studies for homeschool and schools that will truly make a hands-on, thorough education available. We offer secular, religion-friendly studies for students ages 5-adult. This page contains some of the many articles on education authored by Connect The Thoughts Author, Steven David Horwich.  For more, please visit our blog, Homeschool Hows & Whys .


Math and Science

Science and Math. These are the subjects that our public schools have decided require emphasis. Most private schools have followed in lockstep. Science and math.

Few people today question the importance of studying science and math. They teach one to think connectedly, in patterns and sequences resulting in solutions. They help explain the world we live on, the universe we are a part of.  They are valuable studies. But science and math are not more valuable than a study of history, the arts, or religion.

A horrifying ignorance has been carefully cultivated through our educational institutions over the past 30 years. Arts have been systematically "phased out", forcing parents and students to seek extracurricular answers to their hunger for that wonder of human expression. Art that is offered by schools is marginalized. It's "extra credit", "elective", ill-supported by schools desperately preparing students to achieve high test science and math.

Where will tomorrow's miraculous musicians come from, the artists, the dancers? As arts training in schools we pay for with taxes or tuition becomes ever scarcer, only well-to-do families will be able to support a private, specialized curriculum for their children. Poorer children (read "most of our children") will be left with what they hear on the radio and Internet, what they see on TV, and will assume that these are the limits of art. There was no Bach, no Shakespeare. If you don't believe me, ask a few people under age twenty about classical composers or great playwrights. Ask how much you yourself learned about great music, art, theater from your schooling.

Are we truly prepared to set aside as unimportant, our greatest cultural accomplishments, the heartbeat of humanity? Our schools, and the poliicos who determine educational policy,  seem determined to do exactly that.

What of history? It's only the study of how we came to be as we are, and where we are headed. History teaches perspective. History tells the great tale of religion, of faith, of a slow and steady racial climb out of darkness and toward the light of wisdom and knowledge. A study of history provides a lasting sense of human accomplishment, and here we arrive at the great evil of our nation's selection of emphasis in curriculum.

If one did not know better, one might assume that our educational system was intentionally attempting to minimize man's sense of his own accomplishments, our exalted place in the scheme of things.

Now why would any government support an educational system that required students to abandon or never experience creativity, faith or wisdom, a system grinding life down to scientific theorems and mathematical axioms? Why indeed, unless that government has the bizarre intention to have its young learn only numbers, until the student, knowing only numbers, must believe he is a number, and only a number.  Or to know functions, body functions and other, until the student believes that's all there is.

After all, what's easier to manipulate than a number?  What's easier to predict than a function?

Teach your children well, teach them math and science. But equally, teach them history, art and religion. Provide them a sense of heritage, of their own greatness, to balance the harsh "truths" of a purely physical and soulless universe.

     Steven Horwich
     Connect The Thoughts

Interested in finding out about Connect The Thought's History courses?  Use these links:

For ages 5-6, and preliterate students.

For ages 7-8, and students developing literacy.

For ages 9-10.

For ages 11-High School, and adults.

Here is a great review of our history program, from a mother of 5!

"I wanted to share that our family started the Elementary History course this week, finished through lesson 2. I had planned on our 6th grader beginning Lower School history, and was saying to myself as I printed out the Elementary history that I wished he was younger because the Big Ideas are indeed core thoughts about history and important to think about. Well, as I sat with our 5 around the table and Matthew was listening in, he begged me to allow him to do the Elementary History with the rest of his siblings as he found the conversation fascinating. He is our history buff, and I decided to throw away convention and just let him learn from the beginning. If it takes us longer to finish history at the end of his education, who cares?  He will have simply spent another year or so learning more about his passion.

"We are doing this as a group with open discussion. My kids could easily do this by themselves, but we like talking about the ideas so much that it is too much fun to do alone! I have printed out the curriculum for each child, and then we took composition books and using them for our writing as they are sturdy and nothing falls out. I cut smaller pieces of blank paper for them to draw on for the drawing assignments, and we are taping them to the pages.

"This is the single best curriculum we have used since starting homeschooling a year and a half ago. All 5 kids said in way or another 'Wow, this is making me really think!'. I love that it is doing exactly that, not just having them re-read for information to fill in a blank. They will have a wonderful piece of work when done with each course, something more akin to a journal than a worksheet and I can see them all enjoying reading their own thoughts years later...these will definitely be 'Keepers'.

"I am absolutely thrilled beyond belief to find that we have our history curriculum solved all the way through high school. No doubt, this will work for us better than anything else I have considered.

"Just had to share that this is working even better than I ever dreamed of!"


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